A new musical comedy and political satire, with fourteen new songs, in the manner of Gilbert and Sullivan


The Commander in Chief of the United States of Urania summons the secretaries for Peace and War to talk about apprehending the bandit Ali Bin Bombast. He hopes it will get him re-elected. When he has gone, the secretaries discuss his prospects and conclude he has no chance. The first act ends with them singing a blues-rock number ‘When the Party is Over’.


Opens in Ali’s cave, as he attempts to explain himself to the audience with the song ‘I Want to be Number One’ (yes, even terrorism is hierarchical). Ali sends his Jolly Suicide Crew to abduct the secretary for peace, whom he fancies.


The Commander in Chief’s daughter Fifi and her friend Lulu are listening to a song, a classic blues number ‘Fifi’, sung by her boyfriend, Captain Alan Virtuous, when the Jolly Suicide Crew burst in and kidnap them both.


Ali is being interviewed by CNN, but their van has been followed. Captain Alan Virtuous arrives with the All-Female Commando Wing. Everyone sings ‘We’re Off To Guantanamo Bay