Sex and Disability

This is my latest project the title being something of a giveaway. My objectives in writing this piece are to dramatise the issues faced by the disabled, to help change the perceptios of the disabled and to stage a work that is of, for and by the disabled. Nick has a new carer called Jasmine, Nick persuades Jasmine to type up his steamy poems to Lucinda a girl he has met online but who may or may not exist. Music for this piece is written specially by the multi talented Mishkin Fitzgerald and I very much hope her band will be able to play during her performance. Unusually for a play about the disabled this piece makes no compromises and no concessions towards disability, nor is it dressed up in pretty colours. It is portrayed for what it is and people can form their own judgements. I will be promoting Sex and Disability, a play with music, at Disability Pride (the first in Britain) on Sunday 9th July in Brighton town centre. 

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