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Running Mate is a brand new musical based upon current political affairs; manipulation, ambition and deceit. A politician chooses a social media princess to be his running mate based on her popularity. Although things start well the cracks soon begin to show when she appears to upstage him. It bears some similarities to the McCain/Palin affair although the politics of the protagonists are different.

This is a musical in two acts with eleven songs including blues, ballads and gospel. One of these songs called Melt Down, can be found on Soundcloud sung by Sarah Daess (the female lead who plays Helen Holiday in the musical). A political work of musical theatre in an age of political deceit.

Jonny Parlett plays the politician Paul Powers.

Chris Gates plays Alan Altoplane the politician’s assistant.

The musical is directed by Guy Wah with music played by Mishkin Fitzgerald with guitar accompaniment by Charlie Sherbourne.

The musical is due to be performed at Iris Theatre, St Paul’s Covent Garden. 25th January 7:30pm. Tickets are £15.00 (£12.00 conc). Can be purchased online through ticketscript or on the door.

This musical was written and produced by Damian Appleby. copy