Slow Train was recorded at Audiobeach Studios, Brighton. Slow Train was recorded at Audiobeach Studios, Brighton.

Once upon a time, I wrote a slow bluesy number, called Slow Train. It was recorded twice, once here in Brighton and once in Germany.

Neither of the earlier recordings were much good, but the more I heard the song, the more I felt it might have that indefinable ‘something’ that marks out a good song from the endless ocean of tat that surrounds it.

Through a friend that plays in a band called Saulfingers, I got in touch with a singer called Marina Sanguinetti, with a really pure, soulful voice.

We went to Audiobeach, a quaint little lottery funded studio in a Mews that looks like Grozny after the battle.

Finally, I got the recording I was after and Slow Train was posted up on Soundcloud. Reaction in the States has so far been very positive, even slightly overwhelming – that’s the kind of stuff that makes you keep on keeeping on.

A filmmaker friend has offered to make a video to go with the song, so hopefully soon, it will be up on Youtube.


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