As part of our consultation for Sex and Disability Sean Podesta has kindly agreed that some of the people on the neighbourhood care scheme will … Read the rest

Last throw of the dice

Our crowd funding having proven ineffective, we are now pinning our hopes on an ACE application as the last great white hope of getting Sex … Read the rest

Hopes for Sex and Disability

Hope number 1- The grant will come through and we can pay Mishkin at last to write the music. Hope number 2: There is a … Read the rest

Sex and Disability Script

Have now received the report on Sex and Disability from New Writing South, lots of very positive and encouraging stuff that will take us forward … Read the rest


Sex and Disability, a play with music is going to be workshopped at Hove Grown. Sex and Disability is sponsored by The Local People’s Programme … Read the rest


Having delivered a script for Sex and Disability and waiting for something to happen I have started work on Atomic! This is intended to be … Read the rest

Sex and Disability

Sex and Disability is my latest project, a play with music about a disabled boy and the uneasy relationship with his new carer. I have … Read the rest

Sex and Disability

This is my latest project the title being something of a giveaway. My objectives in writing this piece are to dramatise the issues faced by … Read the rest

Hackers Opera

The trial scene from the Hackers Opera was performed at The Waterfront Hotel in Brighton on the 8th May. 9 actors in the cast plus … Read the rest

Musings from a hospital bed

After 5 weary months while the summer dribbled away I had more than enough time to think about musicals and how to create them. I … Read the rest