For a long time I wondered whether or not to pursue this project. I had written a play but a musical was something else. If it were not for the fact that the gospel tune that became ‘We’re off to Guantanamo Bay’ kept buzzing about my head like an indignant wasp, I might well have given up on it. Even after I decided to go ahead, there were another thirteen new songs to be written. I was fortunate to have the multi-talented Mishkin Fitzgerald of birdeatsbaby fame as my music teacher. Without her support it might well never have happened.

My real name is Damian Appleby but I use damian darkness for showbiz purposes because it sounds more dramatic and drama is what it is all about right? I live in Brighton, a town that never tires of congratulating itself on being the most laid back place in Britain. One person in five is LGBT which can produce some interesting spectacles like an entire team of scaffolders in pink overalls.

Just as the project was coming to a critical stage, I suffered a stroke which led to a six month stay in hospital and left me with severe mobility problems. Nevertheless, we are going ahead so if you have the patience to follow the blog, I well tell the story.